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2019-04-25 >> CHCC - 3QFY19 EPS up by 2.7xYoY to PKR 6.92. Unexpected improvement in gross margins despite heavy plant underutilization| inclusion of hefty depreciation expense and elevated cost structure. Interim report awaited

2019-04-25 >> LUCK - Lower dispatches and high input costs to drag 3QFY19 earnings down by 24%YoY to PKR 7.65/share

2019-04-25 >> INDU - Earnings to lose steam; expecting a drop of 23%YoY (PKR 42.1/share) for 3QFY19

2019-04-25 >> KAPCO - Substantial PKR depreciation to lift 3QFY19 EPS by +49%YoY to PKR 3.73

2019-04-25 >> OGDC - PKR depreciation and lower exploration cost to lift 3QFY19 EPS by +50%YoY to PKR 7.01

2019-04-25 >> MLCF - Lower offtakes and elevated production costs push 3QFY19 earnings down by 50%YoY to PKR 0.94/share

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