Roshan Digital Account (For NRPs)

Overseas Pakistani’s now have the opportunity to invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX) through their Roshan Digital Account (RDA). This presents a significant prospect for non-resident Pakistani’s to participate in Pakistan’s Capital Market and reap the benefits of competitive returns offered by the PSX, all while contributing to the growth of their native homeland’s economy. Within the PSX, a diverse array of companies listed across various sectors allows overseas Pakistanis to construct a well-rounded investment portfolio.

The Roshan Digital Account facilitates the remote opening of a bank account with SBP designated Pakistani banks through a fully digital and online process. RDA empowers them to invest in a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks and shares.

IGI Finex Securities Limited (IGI Securities), a Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC) holder of the PSX and the prominent brokerage house in Pakistan, is actively offering the Roshan Digital Account (RDA) to non-resident Pakistani’s residing worldwide.

This initiative stands as a testament to fostering financial inclusivity and providing non-resident Pakistani’s with an avenue to engage with their home country’s economy while capitalizing on the competitive opportunities available in the capital market. As with any investment, it is prudent for individuals to exercise caution, assess their risk tolerance, and conduct through research before making investments decision.

Account Opening Process

    1. Login to any Roshan Digital Bank account internet banking.

    2. Click on NRP Services and select Pakistan Stock Exchange.

    3. Select “IGI Finex Securities Limited” as your brokerage firm

    4. Accept the Terms and conditions mentioned

    5. This will enable the bank to share your information with the selected broker and capital market entities to open your brokerage account & CDC Investor account.

    6. Add funds into your Roshan Digital Account brokerage account

    7. This will transfer funds from your RDA Bank Account into your RDA stock market account and enable you to invest i.e. buy and sell stocks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Roshan Digital Account?

Roshan Digital Account is a unique opportunity for Non-Resident / Overseas Pakistanis to remotely open a bank account with SBP designated Pakistani banks through an entirely digital and online process. This account will enable them to avail banking services like funds transfer, remittances, bills & fee payments, and invest in various instruments including stocks / shares.

How is it different from other bank accounts?

Roshan Digital Account can be opened digitally without any hassle of visiting a bank branch or embassy / consulate. It is a fully functional account that NRPs can use for basic banking services like making routine transactions & channeling remittances, and for investments in Pakistan Stock Market, Government Bonds and Securities.

What is CDC and what role does it play in Roshan Digital Account?

Central Depository Company (CDC) is the sole shares depository and the custodian of investor’s assets in the Pakistan Stock Market. CDC is the only entity handling the electronic (paperless) settlement of shares transactions carried out at the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

CDC serves as the information hub between banks and stock market for Roshan Digital Account holders. For those who are interested to invest in stock market through RDA, CDC will open a Custody Account for them. Moreover, Login ID and Password for CDC Web Access will also be generated for the Roshan Digital Account holder.

What is PSX and what role does it play in Roshan Digital Account?

Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX) is the country’s only stock exchange where trading of shares takes place. It is a marketplace where investors can buy and sell common stock of listed companies and other securities through securities brokers (TREC holders). PSX has been rated among the world’s best performing stock market for the past many years. For more information, please visit

What is NCCPL and what role does it play in Roshan Digital Account?

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) is the clearing and settlement provider of the Pakistan Stock Market. It will establish your Unique Identification Number (UIN). For more details, please visit

Is there any minimum amount required to open an account?


Who is eligible to open this account?

Only the following can open Roshan Digital Account:

A Non-Resident Individual Pakistani;

A Non-Resident POC Card holder;

Employees or officials of the Federal or Provincial Governments posted abroad in the tax year;

Which documents are required to open Roshan Digital Account?

Scanned copies of at least the following documents are required to open Roshan Digital Account:


• Passport (Pakistani and/or foreign country)

• Proof of non-resident status

• Proof of Profession and Source of Income/Funds

• For salaried individuals: job certificate / salary slips

• For business persons: tax return / rent agreement / any other proof of income

• Live photo

How long does it take to open a Roshan Digital Account?

Roshan Digital Account will be opened within 48 hours if all account opening requirements have been duly completed and documents have been submitted as per respective bank’s requirement

Which banks are offering the option to invest in Pakistan Capital Market through Roshan Digital Account?

To see the list of banks that are offering the option to invest in Pakistan Capital Market through Roshan Digital Account, please click on the following link:

What is UIN and its purpose?

In order to authenticate each trade and transaction executed in the stock market, NCCPL registers investors by assigning a Unique Identification Number (UIN). Registered UINs are provided to the stock exchange by NCCPL and it is mandatory for brokers to enter UIN while trading.

What is a Trading Account and what is its purpose?

Trading Account is opened on behalf of the Investor with a broker and is used for trading in shares.

What is a Custody Account and what is its purpose?

Custody Account is a shares custody account opened with CDC.

What is DSS and what role does it play in Roshan Digital Account?

Direct Settlement Service (DSS) is a web based service through which IAS Account Holders can settle their trades executed at Stock Exchange directly through their respective IAS Account. Investors have to contact the broker only for the execution of trades. Further details about Direct Settlement Service are available on the following link:

How would I know about Broker’s Commission and other trading details?

You will be contacted directly by your broker regarding its Fee and Commission Structure and other trading details. Please note that before the opening of your Trading Account, broker will perform its own due diligence and may ask for more details / information.

Do I need to do anything else before initiating my first trade?

Before you initiate your first trade, you have to initiate a Fund Transfer request from your Roshan Digital Account to CDC Bank Account maintained with your bank (details of which were provided with the Account Opening Package).

How do I initiate my first trade / purchase transaction?

You can purchase shares through broker’s online trading app / portal easily within the amount transferred by you to CDC.

How long after my purchase will I receive the shares in my CDC account?

At T+2 (2 business days after transaction), CDC will pay cash on your behalf against the purchase and will receive shares in your CDC Account. CDC will notify you about the transaction.

How do I sell shares?

You can sell your already purchased shares through your broker’s online trading app / portal easily.

When do I receive the cash against my sale?

At T+2 (2 business days after transaction), CDC will transfer the shares out of your CDC Account and will receive cash on your behalf, which will be readily available for any further transactions.

How do I receive my Corporate Action entitlements?

All Corporate Action entitlements will be credited in your CDC Account. Your Cash Dividends will also be made available with CDC. All information regarding Corporate Actions will be provided to your bank and will be available to you through CDC Access web portal and app.

Can I buy and sell shares on the same day?


Can I sell shares before their delivery in my account?


Can I sell shares and buy new shares without delivery of cash against my previous sale?

Yes, but within the same amount only.

How do I pay broker’s commission?

CDC will pay your broker’s commission from the cash transferred by you from your Roshan Digital Account to CDC bank account.

What are NCCPL’s charges and how do I pay them?

NCCPL charges are applicable on the clearing of trades and will be deducted by CDC, details of which will be provided to you. For schedule of NCCPL’s fee and charges, please refer to

Is there any additional fee for Direct Settlement Service?

No, this service is FREE-OF-COST for Overseas Pakistanis.

How can I repatriate my proceeds and earnings from the Stock Market?

You can give instructions to CDC through CDC Web Access to transfer funds from CDC Bank Account to your Roshan Digital Account from where you can easily repatriate them by giving separate instructions to your Bank.