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“IGI Securities” is a brand name of “IGI Finex Securities Limited”. Wherever the name “IGI Securities” is mentioned on company website, it should be construed as company full name which is “IGI Finex Securities Limited”.

Established in 1994, IGI Securities is a prestigious name in Pakistan’s financial services industry for over 25 years, setting the tone of integrity, insight, innovation and highest level of ethical standards amongst the investment circles. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of IGI Holdings Limited, TREC holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange and corporate member of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange...

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IGI is the group brand representing financial services offered by the Packages Group. It consists of five organizations namely IGI Holdings, IGI General, IGI Securities IGI Life and IGI Investments.

With a cumulative experience of over 60 years and the collaboration of these organizations, IGI is able to utilize its resources synergistically and offer...

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In case your complaint has not been properly redressed by us, you may lodge your complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the "SECP"). However, please note that SECP will entertain only those complaints which were at first directly requested to be redressed by the company and the company has failed to redress the same . Further, the complaints that are not relevant to SECP's regulatory domain/competence shall not be entertained by the SECP.

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