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iTrade (Web & Mobile Trading)

iTradeiTrade is the online brokerage service of IGI Securities providing clients with an entirely different experience in the world of trading. With iTrade, clients can access real time rates and trade at PSX from anywhere. iTrade offers a fully integrated platform along with access to a range of analytical tools, news updates and stock alerts service as well as the option of broker assisted trading.

We offer personalized service, timely execution of trades, economical commission structure and an outstanding customer support desk. Customers have the freedom to trade in Shares (Ready and Futures) through Desktop, Mobile and Web-based trading platforms.

iTrade mobile application gives clients all the flexibility and availability they need to be in permanent contact with the market. While on the go, it enables clients to react and place transactions immediately without any delay and uncertainty, using features such as: Instant connectivity, Multi Viewing, Order Placement, Quotation Request, Enhanced Security.

In case of system failure, the clients should call our dedicated customer support department. Click here to view details.

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Terms and Conditions for Online Trading

For Online Trading the following Additional Terms and Conditions shall apply:

a) A password or PIN will be issued to the Account Holder’s by the Broker as the Account Holder’s personal Identification Number or Code to enable the Account Holder to have access to and use his/her account for Online Trading. The password/Pin may be communicated through email or through any courier to the Account Holder at his/her own risk. The Account Holder shall not disclose the password/Pin to any person and shall take every reasonable precaution to prevent discovery of the password/Pin by any other reason.

b) The Broker may electronically transfer delivery of confirmation, statements and other notices in connection with the Online Trading it shall be the responsibility of the Account Holder to review upon receipt of emails, confirmations statements, margin notices and maintenance calls whether delivered by surface mail, email or electronic terminals. If the Password/PIN is disclosed to any third party the Account Holder shall immediately notify the same to the Broker. The Account Holder will immediately notify the Broker of any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of his/her password, account number and Password/PIN. The Account Holder shall immediately notify any change in his/her email or other address as mentioned in this Account Opening Form.

c) All risks connected and involved with Electronic/Online Trading will be assumed fully by the Account Holder. Neither the Broker nor any of its directors/officers would be responsible or liable in any manner for any losses of damages that may be suffered by the Account Holder, including but not limited, those due to the misuse of the Account Holder’s Password or PIN hacking of lines outages and slowdowns in the internet connection and piracy of the Account Holder information and affairs by unscrupulous persons.

d) The Broker may at any time and from time to time require additional margin in the account (in cash or securities acceptable to the Broker) before executing any orders or undertaking any transaction executed through online trading facility. The amount and timing may vary depending on factors solely at the Broker’s discretion. (The additional margin should be deposited through online transfer / transfer cheque before execution of future order).The Broker shall have the right to liquidate the Account Holders Trading position(s) if the Account Margin is insufficient at any time and the conditions of the right to set off Clause below shall apply.

e) The Broker may at any time and from time to time require additional margin in the Account Holder's Account if and when the value of holding and cash available decline in value given as result of decline in price of holding/scrip held.

f) The Broker may at its discretion elect upon notice to square off the Account holders account and make all obligations in the account immediately due and payable by the Account Holder without assigning any reason